Local Arts Loan Catalogue

About Local Arts Loan

The Local Arts Loan scheme is set up and supported by ‘more arts.’ a Wokingham arts development charity. Our aim is to rent artwork to businesses and raise funds to support the most vulnerable in the community through the creative arts. The scheme also provides funds to the participating schools.

 How does Local Art Loan work?

We are seeking businesses who will partner us by renting beautiful artwork from schools and colleges for their office space. We will provide you with original, contemporary work which is available to rent from 12-24 months from our online collection of paintings, printmaking, photography, textiles and mixed media. You can choose artwork yourself or invite us to curate a bespoke collection for your business. Each piece on loan will come with an accompanying caption with information about the Local Arts Loan scheme which can be displayed alongside the piece demonstrating to clients and external visitors that the business is participating in the scheme and supporting the local community.

How much does it cost and where does the money go?

Each piece is hired out at £6 per week. This income is split equally between covering project costs (framing, transport, website and curating), ‘more arts.’ itself and the school contributing the artwork.

Clients can elect to pay an additional, voluntary contribution of £1 per piece per week which does directly to the ‘more arts.’ Legacy Fund, which funds creative projects for vulnerable young people.

Since 2012 the scheme has raised over £27,000 for local schools and the same amount for ‘more arts’, while the Legacy Fund has provided over £18,000 for projects to help vulnerable and at risk young people.

What are the terms of the rental?

  • ‘more arts.’ will arrange the packaging, labelling, collection and delivery of all artwork to the offices of the client.
  • All hanging of artwork is to be carried out by the client. ‘more arts.’ will make sure all artwork is ready to hang.
  • All artwork will be subject to a minimum 12 month rental agreement.
  • Payment will be made once a year in advance (unless otherwise arranged).
  • The safeguard of the artwork is the client’s responsibility and any damage to a piece must be reported immediately with compensation being offered to the student and the school.

How does Local Arts Loan help the community?

Choosing artwork from Local Arts Loan supports the community by:

  • Supporting funding for art development within local schools
  • Enhancing employee environment and engagement
  • Giving art students a platform to exhibit work in a corporate environment
  • Generating grants for creative projects for vulnerable young people

How do I get started and support Local Arts Loan?

Firstly you need to choose your art, either by reserving it from our online catalogue or contacting us through  localartsloan@morearts.org.uk so we can arrange a visit to you and your company and help curate a bespoke collection of artwork just for you.


Schools participating in Local Arts Loan include:

Supporters of Local Arts Loan include:

St Crispin’s School, Wokingham GAM, London
The Holt School, Wokingham Woodborough Dental Practice, Pangbourne
The Forest School, Winnersh Field, Seymour and Parkes, Reading
Luckley House School, Wokingham Wokingham Borough Council
Waingels College, Woodley Earley Town Council
Maiden Erlegh School, Earley Punter Southall, Wokingham
The Emmbrook School, Wokingham Mantle Ltd, Wokingham
Ranelagh School, Bracknell Oracle, Reading
Bradfield College Johnson and Johnson
Reading College