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Local Arts Loan Programme Benefits Local Schools

The 'more arts.' Local Arts Loan programme selects high quality A-Level student artwork from local schools for an online catalogue. From this catalogue local businesses and other organisations can choose to rent pieces to enhance their office space. We also loan artwork free of charge to local care homes, where it is used to stimulate discussion among residents.

The businesses pay a small amount each week for each piece, which we share with the schools, enabling them to invest in much needed art material and equipment.

During the 2019-2020 year we were able to give £5,390 to the 7 local schools whose artwork was selected by businesses who are Local Arts Loan clients. This money is currently being paid to the schools.

To learn more about the Local Arts Loan programme, please see our Local Arts Loan programme web pages.

(February 2020)

We are 'more arts.'


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Wokingham Children's Book Festival Success

We were delighted to help sponsor the 2019 Wokingham Book Festival, an annual event over the weekend of 19th/20th October, with 27 authors and 26 events at Wokingham Library and Town Hall.

The festival was accessed by over 180 families (based on customers booking, which takes into account families booking multiple events) with 834 seats sold out of a total 1050 (80%). Some sessions sold out early.

Three days of schools session were planned in the lead up to the Book Festival 2019. Joseph Coelho spoke to 690 students at St Crispins about his poems and encouraged the children to create a group poem. Feedback fron students:

  • Year 2 student – "Loved learning how to create Alphabet poems but the favourite was creating one word poems together."
  • Year 4 student – "That he was really funny and his poems and stories were so epic! I’m gonna get his next book!"
  • Year 7 student - "Was great to learn about how poems can be constructed and loved hearing the scary story about statues of 'The watchers'"

You can view a video which recorded some of the highlights of the festival.

(November 2019)

We are 'more arts.'


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Wokingham Businesses Want More Arts & Culture

On 7th June we took part in the 2019 Fit for Business event at Sindlesham Court, to show off 'more arts.' and, in particular, our Local Arts Loan programme to local businesses.

The meeting was arranged by Wokingham Borough Council as part of their effort to work more closely with local businesses. At the inaugural meeting in 2018, many businesses said they wanted more 'arts & culture' for Wokingham, as it would make the area more attractive for employees who come here to work.

At discussions during the 2019 meeting, a need was identified for a local 'Arts & Culture' strategy to be prepared by the council and businesses. We should make more of our local cultural heritage and publicise better the very many cultural events which do happen locally.

(June 2019)

We are 'more arts.'


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'more arts.' Legacy Fund Pays for New Equipment

Camp Mohawk,The Woodland Centre Trust is a registered charity, number 278681, set up in 1980. The Trust operates a single facility, Camp Mohawk, which is located in an area of woodland near Wargrave, Berkshire.

Camp Mohawk is a rural day centre providing a variety of specially designed/adapted facilities and activities for children and young people with a range of mental and physical disabilities, and their families.

At Camp Mohawk we run a range of projects throughout the year to meet the aims and mission of the Trust. The focus of our work with families is during school holidays, which can be particularly challenging for families who have a child, or multiple children, with special needs.

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"The grant awarded to Camp Mohawk by 'more arts.' has enabled us to fully stock our Arts & Crafts room and Circus Skills workshop equipment, as well as providing wonderful new instruments to enhance our Music Room facilities – a huge thank you from all those who use and benefit from activities at Camp Mohawk!"

'My son has co-ordination difficulties and absolutely loved playing throw and catch with the Velcro tennis skill set – thank you!'

'I absolutely love Camp Mohawk and always spend ages in the arts and craft room. I find it a good escape from the stresses of home'

'Thomas has been teaching himself to play the piano. He spent ages in the music room playing the piano to calm himself down.'

'In the art room you can make loads of creative artwork!'

More information about Camp Mohawk:

(October 2018)

We are 'more arts.'


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Wokingham Market Square opens with historical mosaics

In the newly re-built Market Square, Wokingham Town Council has worked with local historians to select suggested events, individuals and sites that could be reflected in a set of mosaics, set into the ground. The first four mosaics are now in place and seven more are planned to appear in the next year.

'more arts.' is delighted to have sponsored one of the mosaics, a red lion portrait, which is sited outside the Red Lion pub in the Market Square. The Red Lion is one of the oldest buildings in the town, with parts dating back to the 15th century. See a short video about the Red Lion mosaic.

All the mosaics were made by Rosalind Wates from marble, using natural colours to complement the traditional nature of the Town centre buildings.

You can learn more about the mosaics from a handy booklet available from the Wokingham Information Centre at the Town Hall or by downloading the Wokingham Town History App from the iOS App Store or Android Google Play. Search for 'Wokingham Town History'.

Or you can view videos of each of the 7 mosaics:

(September 2018) (Updated August 2019)


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Two thirds of GPs agree arts engagement helps prevent ill health

A survey of 1,000 doctors also reveals a widespread belief that arts-based interventions can help deliver primary care to the public.

A nationally representative survey of 1,000 GPs, commissioned by arts and health charity Aesop, found that 66% agreed with the view that "public engagement with the arts can make a significant contribution to the prevention agenda (i.e. preventing ill health among the public)."

62% also agreed that arts-based interventions can make a "significant contribution" to improving the health and wellbeing of the NHS workforce.

You can see more background about the survey at the Arts Professional website.

Or you download directly the results of the survey conducted by ComRes from the ComRes website.

(September 2018)


ArtFest 2018 Click to see complete video

In case you missed the hugely successful ArtFest 2018, take a look at a great video created by Quentin Clarke, of Silk Purse Videos here:

Part of Broad Street in Wokingham was filled with over 50 local artists showing art of every imaginable genre.

We are 'more arts.'

ArtFest is organised every year in Wokingham, by a team of artists led by Mick McNicholas, one of the Trustees of 'more arts.' and the event is supported by 'more arts.'

(June 2018)


Visit Soulscape website Click to see complete video

more arts. sponsored this short video to illustrate the work by Soulscape to help with mental health issues affecting local school children. The video was released in March, 2018.

Click here to view the video, which runs for around 3 minutes. Please be patient as it may take a few minutes to download the video file (3MB).

For more information about Soulscape, visit the Soulscape website We are 'more arts.' or see Soulscape's Facebook page.

(April 2018)


ArtFest 2017 Click to see complete video

In case you missed the hugely successful ArtFest 2017, take a look at a great video blog by Fiona Lundy here:

The whole of Rose Street in Wokingham was filled with over 50 local artists showing art of every imaginable genre.

ArtFest is organised every year in Wokingham, by a team of artists led by Mick McNicholas, one We are 'more arts.' of the Trustees of 'more arts.' and the event is supported by 'more arts.'

(June 2017)


Maurice Monk from 'more arts.' and Zora Morgan of Dingley

At a gathering in Kings Place, Wokingham on Saturday 28th January, 2017, donations collected during Wokingham Living Advent Calendar 2016 were presented to the three benefitting charities:

Visit Dingley website Visit Soulscape website Visit BFTF website

Each charity received £639.25.

The photo shows Maurice Monk from 'more arts.' presenting to Zora Morgan of Dingley.

The event was also an opportunity to bring together the actors, musicians, helpers and everyone involved in preoaring the hugely successful Live Nativity Play 2016 which on December 18th 2016 formed the centrepiece performance of the series of performances which occurred throughout December.

More Arts promotes arts throughout Wokingham Borough More Arts collaborates with Wokingham Town Council Love Wokingham More Arts collaborates with Wokingham Town Team

The Wokingham Living Advent Calendar is a partnership between Wokingham Town Council and 'more arts.' with support from Wokingham Town Team, Wokingham Borough Council, Rotary Club of Wokingham, Wokingham Lions and Cantley House Hotel.

(February 2017)

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more arts. was pleased to sponsor the 'Love Wokingham' Photography Competition 2016.

The competition was FREE to enter and open to all photographers, amateur and professional of all ages.

The winners in the Under 18 Category:

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  • 1st Prize: Caitlin O'Neill
  • 2nd Prize: Mia McNicholas
  • 3rd Prize: Eleanor Hayns

The winners in the Over 18 Category:

  • Joint 1st Prize: John Massey
  • Joint 1st Prize: Rodney Hart
  • 2nd Prize: Stuart Turkington
  • 3rd Prize: John Massey

A calendar has been printed featuring some of the photographs entered into the Love Wokingham photography competition. We unfortunately couldn't put everyone's photos in there as there are only 12 slots and we needed to fit images to months! Calendars are on sale in the Information Centre at the Town Hall if anyone wishes to get themselves a copy for just £6.

(December 2016)


Sample art from the collection

Sample artwork by students at Luckley House School, The Holt School, St Crispin's School and Ranelagh School. (All work copyright protected)

More Arts promotes arts throughout Wokingham Borough

The Local Arts Loan scheme continues to grow, with new clients and more schools.

The programme was is set up by and is managed by 'more arts.'.

Enhance your office by hiring framed, original works of art, created by art students at local schools and presented to gallery standards.

Choose artwork from Local Arts Loan to support the community, by generating funds for creative projects to help vulnerable young people and help raise money for art development in schools.

For more information and to get started see the Local Arts Loan catalogue (opens in a new window) or send us an email or send us a message using our Contact Us page.

Schools participating in
Local Arts Loan include:


Supporters of
Local Arts Loan have included:

St Crispin's School, Wokingham GAM, London
The Holt School, Wokingham Woodborough Dental Practice, Pangbourne
The Forest School, Winnersh  Field, Seymour and Parkes, Reading
Luckley House School, Wokingham Wokingham Borough Council
Waingels College, Woodley Earley Town Council
Maiden Erlegh School, Earley Punter Southall, Wokingham
The Emmbrook School, Wokingham Mantle Ltd, Wokingham
Ranelagh School, Bracknell Oracle, Reading
Bradfield College Johnson and Johnson
Reading College  
More Arts, The Studio, Broad Street Walk, Broad Street, Wokingham RG40 1BW More Arts promotes arts throughout Wokingham Borough

'more arts.' GALLERY

At our art gallery we run art exhibitions and arts events.

To follow what's happening in our gallery, keep an eye on the Creative arts page.

We welcome you to The Art House, Broad Street Walk, just off Broad Street in Wokingham. The Art House, Broad Street Walk

More Arts promotes arts throughout Wokingham Borough


The Cultural Partnership: 'more arts.' needs more Volunteers.

Get in touch with us using the Contact Us page and discover the world of volunteering!

'more arts.' Chosen by Wokingham Mayor 'more arts.' Chosen by Wokingham Mayor


In 2014 the then Wokingham Borough Mayor, Cllr. Ulla Karin Clark announced:

"a fund, in association with 'more arts.', to empower and mentor talented 14 to 19 year olds without the resources to reach their potential"

During the 2014-15 year money was raised through events and generous donations from local people, and we have now received the proceeds. All the money raised through the Mayor's charity appeal is held in our Legacy Fund. If you know of someone we can inspire in their artistic endeavours, whether it be in creative arts, dance, music, drama, photography or any other artistic activity, then contact us.

To apply for funding from our Legacy Fund see the About Us page.

More Arts promotes arts throughout Wokingham Borough


The Cultural Partnership: 'more arts.' needs more Trustees. Could you be a Trustee?

... find out more.

Find out what Arts Council England does


This is the amount that each person in England contributes per week via the Arts Council to investment in arts and culture. It benefits all of us by making our lives richer, bringing communities together and helping drive economic growth.

... find out more.

HANDS-ON-ARTS WITH 'more arts.'

Hands-on-Arts pavilion at Spencer's Wood Carnival

The 'more arts.' 'Hands-on-Arts' pavilion at Spencer's Wood Carnival, September, 2012.

More Arts promotes arts throughout Wokingham Borough

At events throughout the summer The Cultural Partnership provides its Hands-On-Arts pavilion, for families to try arts and crafts activities. What one artist said:

Quote I have been aware of Wokingham's Hands-On-Art Pavilions for a number of years and have visited it with my family a few times at local events. We have enjoyed trying out new activities that we would not otherwise get opportunity to do. I feel privileged to have run a glass painting activity at two of these events this year and have found it very interesting to meet like minded people. It is a great opportunity for local residents of all ages and abilities to be able to try all sorts of different art and craft skills in a relaxed and friendly environment, and at no great expense. I hope that this project will continue for many years and I look forward to being a part of the team next year with my glass painting activity, which has certainly proved to be very popular.Quote

Click to see larger copy of the artwork by Este MacLeod


Wokingham Borough Council commissioned The Cultural Partnership: 'more arts.' to arrange a seasonal exhibition in The Mall Gallery, Shute End. Este MacLeod was the artist chosen to make an Interactive Painting for Wokingham.

The Mayor, Councillor Bob Wyatt, made the first mark and two hundred staff from Wokingham Borough Council, Wokingham Town Council, elected members and members of the public painted their doodle for posterity over the next ten days. The Right Honourable, John Redwood, MP made the final marks.

Este then spent a week creating a cohesive piece which is absolutely stunning whilst retaining all the individual contributions.

The finished, framed work has been auctioned for charity; proceeds being divided between Link (The Link Visiting Scheme), which is the Mayor's chosen charity this year, and Starfish Greathearts Foundation (the Artist's chosen charity).

The Cultural Partnership wish to thank Este MacLeod & WBC for the opportunity and the contributors for their magnificent 'Marks'.

Watch online video from Maiden Place Art Project

View Maiden Place art project video
Maiden Place Art Project

In the Spring 2011 the Cultural Partnership: 'more arts.' arranged an art workshop for young people, in an empty shop in Maiden Place, Lower Earley. We are grateful to Real Time 21 South Street Reading RG1 4QU for providing access to the video clip.

To view the Quicktime video in a small pop-up window click here.

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