About The Cultural Partnership: 'more arts.'

The Cultural Partnership is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, UK reg. no. 1154785 **

The Cultural Partnership : 'more arts.'

We are an independent arts development charity that champions all arts forms, and was created to enable and deliver more arts cultural activities and experiences at the local level.

'more arts.' offers extensive expertise and local links with the creative sector and practising artists. 'more arts.' is lean, flexible and provides services to engage and involve communities by using creativity and the arts.

'more arts.' is an essential and supportive partner that can help provide education and transformation, contributing to people living healthier and happier lifestyles. Make culture and the arts a part of everyday life, for everyone.

** The Cultural Partnership was registered as a CIO on 28th November, 2013.
    The Cultural Partnership was previously registered with the Charity Commission under charity no. 1129471

You can download a copy of our constitution which is based on the model constitution for CIOs provided by the Charity Commission.

You can download a copy of our Registration Certificate provided by the Charity Commission.

What people say about 'more arts.'

"Nothing has come up to the level of support we had from 'more arts.', and the amazing fun and success we had with the Saturday Gallery in Wokingham" (SP, artist in Wokingham).

"Many thanks, as usual for your excellent work on our concert details. The website is looking great and really does provide an excellent showcase for the arts locally" (DL, musician in Wokingham)


The 'more arts.' Local Arts Loan Programme

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View the short video. If you have problems viewing the clip, try the YouTube version on youtu.be/3jgLhn72gFc

Our 'Local Arts Loan' programme selects high quality A-Level student artwork from local schools and provides it to local businesses and other organisations to enhance their office space.

The businesses pay a small amount each week for each piece, which we share with the schools, enabling them to invest in much needed art material and equipment.

Businesses can opt to pay a small amount extra, which we add to our Legacy Fund which we use to fund arts activities to help vulnerable young people.

We also loan pieces of art free of charge to local care homes, encouraging residents to discuss what the art work means to them and perhaps enabling them to reminisce about their younger lives.


Delivering art to a local care home

Delivering art to a local care home



Take a moment to view the short video which shows how the Local Arts Loan programme works.

If you would like to learn how your organisation can join the programme, and view some of the artwork in our online catalogue, go to the Local Arts Loan section of our website.

The 'more arts.' Legacy Fund

'more arts.' has a special fund set aside to help fund activities which will benefit people in the local area who have a variety of complex needs.

The 'more arts.' Legacy Fund supports the most vulnerable and at risk young people in our community by developing life skills through the creative process.

If you are a local artist, or a teacher of performing arts, or have any active involvement with the 'arts', and you have a programme of arts activities designed to help vulnerable young people, we may be able to help you. You can apply for financial support from the 'more arts.' Legacy Arts Fund.

Use one of these forms to apply for funding:

Information on the form shows how to submit your request for funding. If you have any questions, do please feel free to contact us.

Contact 'more arts.' for:

  • Bespoke arts development services, design and manage neighbourhood arts projects and public art commissions
  • Exhibitions, events, empty shop pop-ups & window installations
  • Creative community engagement and consultations
  • Creative learning & workshops for vulnerable young people, adults and the elderly
  • Enhance business offices with Local Arts Loan
  • Access the creative sector and facilitate contracts with artists
  • Leverage external funding and engage the Business Sector to contribute to public and community priorities
  • Create pathways to social inclusion and to healthier, happier individual lifestyles.

Did you know that 'more arts.':

  • Works with ALL age groups and ALL abilities
  • Delivers hands-on arts experiences
  • Creates work for local artists and creative practitioners
  • Transforms empty shops into vibrant, public cultural venues
  • Provides one-off arts workshops
  • Supports the Arts Award Programme
  • Complements sports development programmes
  • Focuses on community engagement using arts & culture
  • Curates bespoke exhibitions to promote your service and its achievements
  • Enhances corporate offices and business spaces with artwork by young people

Help us promote 'more arts.':

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We encourage all local arts organisations to use the logo on their own publicity material. This reminds residents that our community has an active and coordinated arts community.

You can download the logo here as a JPG or download the logo here as a PNG at a large scale for use on printed material or, suitably scaled, for use on your website.